The Roseland Academy

The Roseland Academy Internet Usage Policy

By logging on to this workstaion you are agreeing to the below policy, if you do not agree to the below policy please contact the ICT department to have internet access removed from your account.

The Roseland Academy provides internet filtering, designed to remove controversial, offensive or illegal content. However, it is impossible to guarantee that all controversial material is filtered. If you come across any inappropriate website or content whilst using the ICT equipment, you must report it to either a member staff or a member of the ICT department immediately.

All internet activity within the Academy is actively monitored and logged against your username, and will be provided to a relavent member of staff upon request. Use of the internet within the Academy should be in accordance with the following guidelines:

The Academy's internet content filter using a ssl interception technology which decypts and reads any data sent or recieved, any messages/transactions/sites are accessible by the Academy's ICT department and should not be considered private.

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